Grateful Giving

We believe giving is an act of worship. The commitment to give is an outward expression of our gratitude towards Gods love and faithfulness. Our attitude towards giving demonstrates a vital characteristic of God, who gave and continues to give his very best to us (Jesus).

Tithe by definition is honoring God with the first 10% of our increase. Simply put, for every $1 I receive God receives $.10. This is an obligation that I have in obeying the word of God. Offering is my free will financial support of the kingdom over and above my 10% tithe obligation. We take stewardship very serious and being generous is a value we place a high priority in. ( Proverbs 3:9; 1 Chronicles 28-29; Acts 2-4 )

Being generous in our giving is how we fund and fuel the work God both locally and abroad. We are a multiplying church. We support gospel-centered churches being planted both local and abroad. Our commitment to our vision and mission is evident in our support of local missions that address injustices in our community and our city as well as missionaries and missions around the world.